As Dental – Dental clinic Čačak

For the oral health is caring the team of dentists who is always there to provide you with the best service, give you advice, train you how to properly maintain both natural teeth and dentures – bridges, crowns, dentures, implants…


We offer warranty for all the services provided.
The warranty covers all aspects of our offer:
prosthetic works, implants and fillings.

Working time

Monday – Friday 09h-19h
Saturday 09h-13h
Sunday – Free day


As Dental – Dental clinic
Ul. Dragise Misovica 57, 32000 Cacak
Phone: 032 371 482, Mob: 063 80 77 610

Free examination

The first examination, a well as control checks at the ‘As Dental’ office are free of charge. In the course of the examination, clients are informed about the possible methods of treatment for their mouth disease.

Sordex CRANEX®

CRANEX NOVUS sets the standard for modern high quality dental recording.
The landscape approach from any desired angle, assisted with computer technology, enables easy, fast and accurate adjustment of the image.

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The introduction of dental implants have rendered obsolete the once irreplaceable metal-ceramic crowns, as well as bridges and prosthesis. The physiology of dentistry has nowadays been completely changed owing to the dental implant, a vital method in reconstruction of lost teeth.

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Teeth whitening

The procedure of whitening using the house method is simple and painless. It starts with an examination and removal of the plaque and soft residue. Next, the dentist takes an impression and moulds a model copy of your teeth, before producing a tray, which you receive together with the special whitening gel.

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