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For the oral health is caring the team of dentists who is always there to provide you with the best service, give you advice, train you how to properly maintain both natural teeth and dentures – bridges, crowns, dentures, implants… Surgical interventions, orthodontic appliances, work with little or restless children are in charge of dentists with extensive experience in their respective areas of expertise! Light turbines, low vibration of handpieces , sharp drills and attentive work of dentists enable a pleasant experience even to fearful patients. The office also has intraoral small camera that can provide a direct picture of the state of your teeth via the television. In that way you can easily gain insight into the deficiencies in the maintenance of oral hygiene, the severity of the injury of teeth, graveness of restoration, or you can just satisfy your curiosity. The guarantee, that doctors give after completion of work, speaks about the seriousness and accuracy of each individual work! We act according to the principles of the profession, so we ignore the requirements of patient who want to do something on their own , without clear justification for it. Checks are free, consultations are always available, so everything that you want to know, come and ask!
Many years of experience in the field of X-ray recording guarantee fast and professional service of high quality. Recording of individual teeth are performed under protective measures, and short exposure time, so that the radiation is reduced to a minimum. Films are fine-grained, with amplifying, so they provide high resolution with minimal radiation! We are doing the Shooting of all the teeth and jaws with the latest version of orthopantomograph and an accompanying computer software for the digital film processing that provides clear insight into the tooth, supporting apparatus, jaw and surrounding structures – sinuses, jaw joints, etc. The person responsible for handling the appliances is the doctor spec. DDS. prosthetics Aleksandar Stojkovic.

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