Dental implant

Implantologija Integration of dental implants
This is the leading edge of modern dental technology. The titanium alloy covered with special bio-compatible layer enables successful replacement of a lost tooth in over 96% of the cases.
Dental implants are the best choice for anyone who wishes to compensate one or more lost teeth. By replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant, you will avoid grinding of healthy teeth and thereby extend their life. Our dental implants will provide you with a fixed solution that will give you the closest possible feeling of your natural teeth. The treatment is rendered using local anesthesia, with a risk of allergic reactions or rejection of the implant brought down to a minimum. Although there are certain diseases which are known to reduce the chances of acceptance of an implant, as well as inadequate widths and heights of the jaw bones, these adverse factors can be eliminated owing to modern resources, including pre-operation therapies, integration of artificial bone tissue in the course of the surgery, etc.


This is an X-ray of both jaws, which has become a standard part of the first examination. It gives a clear picture of the condition of the teeth and the jaw, especially the part not visible by the naked eye. The whole procedure takes several minutes, and the patient’s exposure lasts only 9 seconds. Exposure to radiation is reduced to a minimum in small dental recordings as well, since dental radiology requires the lowest radiation levels. In addition to this, the computer-assisted process enables several times lower radiation compared to classical apparatuses, while at the same time making it possible to manipulate the recording, focus the image, sending images using E-mail, CD, as well as printing the classical X-ray film. Apart from our own patients, recordings are available at our office at a referral from other dentists or to clients in general. There is no need to schedule an appointment, and the whole process normally lasts around 10 minutes.

Teeth Whitening

Beljenje zuba Treat yourself to a shiny smile
We all know the importance of a nice smile, both in business and private life. Why cover your mouth with a hand each time you smile, when it takes just a little time and determination to gain a permanent smile shining with confidence. It may take only a couple of treatments to get a smile you will fall in love with. In line with the global trends, we offer two most popular whitening methods. The first is the dental office treatment, where two or three visits lasting 20 minutes each will result in the desired hue of white. This is the method preferred by many clients who want immediate results in whitening their teeth. The second method is recommended by the professors around the world and it implies the home whitening treatment, using significantly less aggressive whitening materials. The percentage of clients who are very satisfied with this method is over 90%! In this treatment, the client is supplied with a foil which is placed on the teeth before going to sleep. The foil is used over a number of nights, until the desired level of whiteness is achieved. The hue is controlled by you, and what is more – as opposed to the first method, the home variant is perfectly safe for your teeth.

Dental prosthetics

Stomatološka protetika Aesthetics and function at a single move
If you have lost some of your teeth and do not want to hide when somebody makes you laugh, we have a solution for you. Dental bridges are the second best recommendation, second only to dental implants. A good team made of the dentist, dental technician and the patient will make the long lost teeth shine again. It is good to know that there is a solution even for those without a single tooth in the jaw. What matters is your wish to look nicer, and we will give our best to fulfill your wish. Implants, bridges, skeleton prosthesis, acrylic prosthesis, ceramic crowns, cast upgrades – these are all part of range of services offered by our dentists headed by the specialist prosthetics doctor Aleksandar Stojkovićem, with decades’ long experience!

Dental diseases
Composite filling
Parapulpal and intrapulpal pins
Amalgam filling
Glass ionomer filling
Deep caries therapy
Vital extirpation (extraction of nerve)
Aesthetic dentistry
Composite facets and fiberglass pins
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Polishing of teeth and removal of plaque
Whitening of individual teeth
Oral surgery
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Dental prosthetics
Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges
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Digital recording of jaw joints
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